So many girls at the gym

by support on October 17, 2011

How often do you find your eyes wandering when your bench pressing? Or have you ever had your bicep curls form go to complete crap because you can’t take your eyes off the girl doing squats on the smith machine? What about those yoga classes that are provided as part of your gym membership, the girls bending over and providing plenty of good views.

Let’s face it, the girls at the gym¬†are usually pretty fit, have great bodies, and are wearing small tight clothes. These are the girls that make your imagination run wild, and leave you wanted so much more. Well now you can get all of the girls at the gym you can handle. At you can not only see pictures and sets of pictures of good looking girls at the gym anytime, but you can also send in some pictures of the girls in your gym.

That’s right! Most of the pictures you find at the girls at the gym website were sent in by our readers. We ask our readers to snap a couple pictures of some of the hot girls at the gym and send them in to us. Once we get them, we will filter through them to make sure they are appropriate and meet our high standards. Once approved, we will post them up along with a short clip of information about the set/picture including the gym name and city/state if it was provided. Knowing where to find these girls at the gym will help our members to maybe go check them out in person. Who knows, maybe even get a date.

Along with pictures of girls at the gym, we also provide informative articles such as how to pick up girls at the gym, or how to dress to impress the girls at the gym. Check it out and you won’t be disappointed.